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If You:

  • Are a heart-centred entrepreneur (someone that is creative, has big goals, dreams and has a magical legacy/purpose to share with the world)
  • Have ambition and routinely work long hours but you have mind clutter, feel stuck, burnt out and overwhelmed
  • Have a 101 things racing through your mind to do, yet your own self-care is not the on the list!

You Need to enrich your self-care



  • When you don't take care of yourself there is nobody to take of your business.
  • When you have a business plan you need a self-care plan (you are your most valuable asset.)
  • When you feel stuck and have lots of mind clutter you cannot passionately pursue your dreams.

Sounds interesting, who are YOU?

It’s About health transformation through self-care and I will help you become self-empowered

Self-care is about harmonising your body, mind and spirit and I will help you become more self-aware, self-empowered and self-confident.


I am Afzal

DSC_3301I am a catalyst that creates amazing change. I love to explore health transformation with a profound sense of adventure and creativity (kind of like Indiana Jones). I work with heart-centered entrepreneurs who need mental clarity and less stress. I teach self-care enrichment, so they get more done each day with less stress and greater self confidence, so they can be a more empowered version of themselves.

The mindset is important, and I can move my clients from mind clutter to clarity and help them get unstuck.

Born and raised in Sheffield (England) I'm an April baby, born in the wonderful month of spring : )

I have been published in the 'Best You'  - experts in lifestyle magazine, have qualifications and experience in the fields of nutrition, detox, NLP and holistic medicine.

I am an intuitive healer and carer, scriptwriter extrordinaire, an uncle -  food pioneer (well at home at least) an aweful piano player and a holistic health nerd.

Imagine if you could…..

  • Go from mind clutter to clarity.
  • Take charge and empower yourself. Eliminate the emotional, mental and physical exhaustion.
  • Have more time for yourself, more energy throughout the day and more joy… without the overwhelm.


 You can because…..

  • I am a Health Transformation Alchemist. I help entrepreneurs self-empower through self-care. When you are more alive you thrive and so does your business.
  • I help entrepreneurs put more into their self-care so they get more out of life...more energy, more joy, more personal time, more creativity = more profits.
  • I am very experiential in the field of health transformation. I once did an experiment and ate total junk foods for 2 months 🙁  to put weight on and then to loose it 🙂 This was to deepen my understanding on the effects junk foods and weight gain.

I believe…..

  • That every human being is a walking puzzle piece to humanity. That everyone has some gift or solution within them that could help, heal and harmonise the planet (on some level)...personal transformation is a catalyst for this..'when you transform you change your world'.
  • That everything is connected on some level..people, the earth and all that wonderful life-force energy out there...(wow, this is deep stuff)
  • The elderly are important members of society and we have a responsibility for their wellbeing, especially in this ever changing technological age.
  • When a person lives with a mood that is light and bright so is life.


Tell me a little more about you...

  • When I was eight I fell climbing a wall and broke my arm..I thought I was Spiderman..still do 😉
  • Been a volunteer radio presenter at a local hospital
  • Done some fitness modelling in the past
  • I have a keen interest in human potential and wellness. I love energy medicine and continue to deepen my knowledge and experience.

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We value your privacy and would never spam you

Nicholas Pickett, Principal Lecturer, Sheffield, UK

I have had years of discomfort suffering from painful and swollen joints as a consequence of repeated gout attacks.

The issues with gout have noticeable reduced from 4-5 times a year down to 2-3 times a year at most. Moreover, the duration and intensity of the discomfort has also seen a reduction.

I have significantly changed my diet following the advice and food plans I have received from Afzal. I am now more aware of the food/ingredients triggers, which have repeatedly been the cause of my gout.

I suffer less from pain and I am able to lead a more active lifestyle on a regular basis.

Traci Robinson, Sheffield , Owner, Create Your Own Destiny

I was not drinking enough water and thought I might also benefit from some sort of detox. So I sought Afzal’s help. Afzal suggested drinking herbal tea first thing in the morning, 30 minutes before my fruit and vegetable green smoothie, would help cleanse my system.

The intake of extra water has been much easier than I could have imagined.

The herbal teas are definitely helping me feel more revived and refreshed in the mornings (and I also drink them throughout the day). I am already seeing the benefits of drinking more smoothies and fluids; my skin is more nourished and appears more radiant.

Afzal’s advice helped me a great deal. Thank you Afzal!