Would you like to Sleep Faster? Here are 11 Natural ways without Popping Pills…

In this modern age our sensors experience such an overload. Whether its text messages, phone calls or emails it is enough to fatigue even the best of us. Many people that I have spoken to have experienced difficulty relaxing at the end of the day, they say it takes them longer to relax and fall sleep.

As a result I have put together these 10 top tips to help you sleep faster:

Clear your head.

If your mind is racing with things to do you won’t sleep much. Thinking about your work in your sleep does not pay over time so don’t do it : ) Grab a sheet of paper and a pen and empty out those thoughts/to dos. After that you should feel energetically lighter. Then turn out the light breath slow and deep and relaaaaaaaaaaaaax…zzzzzzzzzzzz…..

Clear the clutter.

If you sleep in a room where your bed is surrounded by a pile of books, clothes and papers this can create unease in the mind. Clear the clutter. Clearing the clutter aims to create a restful space to sleep in. As a good habit spend 10 minutes at the end of each day doing a quick tidy up of your bedroom. This has therapeutic effects and can help you sleep more peacefully.

A cosy cup of herbal tea.

could do the trick. Herbs have medicinal properties and are a natural option to promote sleep. Try one of these herbal relaxers:

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Valerian

Don’t count sheep count your blessings instead.

Gratitude is such a powerful practice and has universal appeal. If you lay in bed worrying about not being able to sleep then gratitude is the perfect antidote. Take two to three deep relaxing breaths, then begin to count the things that you sincerely are (or could feel) grateful for. It is essential that you engage your heart and feel the feelings associated with gratitude. Remember, worry is a low level emotional feeling versus gratitude which is a high level emotional feeling. Switch your emotional state to feel good and it enhances relaxation.

Reverse restfulness and the body mind connection.

We all know if you relax the mind your body relaxes. The same is true in reverse. If you relax the body (with stimulus) the mind relaxes also.  This is because information from your limbs relays back to the brain. So if you were to soak your feet in warm water, with a few drops of lavender oil, then as the feet are soothed and feel lighter the mind is fed this information and it begins to follow suit and relax.  The same would be true for a gentle massage to the body too.

Laughter lightens your mood.

Research has shown that laughter releases the body’s natural chemicals known as endorphins, which can also provide mild pain relief. Watch a comedy or Youtube some comical clips. These will ensure you laugh your way to bed and smile your way to sleep.


Find a good book, get cosy and begin reading. Apply a soft gaze and a relaxed grip on the book (this sends sensory information to the brain and a relaxed body promotes a relaxed mind).

Soft stretches to lengthen your limbs.

Stretching before bed helps you to soften tight muscles and can melt away tension held in the body.  Stretching improves your circulation and provides a sense of expansion and personal freedom. It can induce a sense of calm and peacefulness, ideal for sleep.

Thick curtains help block out light.

The darker your bedroom is the more likely you are to drift off into sleepy land.

Invest in the best.

As humans we spend a third of our lives sleeping. It makes sense to invest in a good quality bed, duvet and pillow. Assess your current sleep space and decide if it is time to upgrade your dream machine (bed).

Set goals so you have a reason to dream .

If you live a purposeful life you are highly likely to sleep with a vision of your future. Most people who set no goals lay awake wondering where their life is going.  Set goals and sleep on a king size bed so that you can dream big : )