10 Tips to have a Healthy Radiant Lifestyle

  1. Walk

    Being outdoors for 15-20 minutes a day. It promotes deep breathing and relieves stress. In China, the locals perform gentle exercises such as Tai Chi early in the morning in parks. The movements are soft, slow and rhythmic. The belief is that life force energy (Chi) can be absorbed from the natural environment and through deep breathing.

  1. Sleep

    Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep per day. Be in bed before 10 o’clock if possible.  This is the period when the body detoxs the liver between 10pm and 2am.

  1. Hydrate

    Did you know that 75% of the body is made of water? It is vital to human life and is the second essential for life after breathing. Try drinking at least 2 litres of water a day.  The best time to begin is within 30 minutes of waking up. As your body has not consumed any food or liquid in the period you had been asleep, when you drink on an empty stomach the body soaks it up like a sponge. It will also help the body to detox and flush the colon.

  1. Fibre

    Add more to your diet. Fibre has shown to help lower cholesterol and can prevent constipation. Foods with fibre tend to steadily raise blood sugar levels which is good if you are a diabetic. Green vegetables are high in fibre so try broccoli, spinach, kale or sprouts.

  1. Chocolate

    Dark chocolate has an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value which means it contains antioxidant properties. Antioxidants can prevent or slow cell damage. Dark chocolate may improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.

  1. Raw foods

    Eat more water rich foods such as fruits and green vegetables. Incorporate nuts (providing you don’t have an allergy) and seeds into your diet as they can improve the quality of your digestion, skin tone, mental clarity and energy levels.

  1. Personal development

    When you invest in your own growth life becomes much richer with possibilities. As you gain new knowledge you gain a deeper understanding about yourself and others. As you expand your level of awareness you also expand your level of possibility for successes in life.

  1. Gratitude

    It’s one of the oldest practices. They say ‘gratitude is the door to more’. Gratitude is great to dissolve stress. When you are truly thankful you are truly rich.

  1. Body posture

    If your body is not in correct alignment then you place unnecessary tension on your neck, spine and joints. Poor posture leads to poor shallow breathing, which in turn affects confidence and mood.

  1. Herbal teas

    Try substituting your regular tea or coffee for a herbal tea. Herbs are known to have healing properties and can improve digestion as well as reduce stress. Green tea has been known to help promote healthy weight loss. Dandelion tea is good to detox the liver, peppermint is good for the digestion and Camomile tea has a relaxing, soothing effect on the body.