Avoid these 7 things: They cause the body to gain weight or induce stress

Throughout my time working in health transformation, I have been asked on many occasions how to lose weight or de-stress.

Take a look at the following 7 things you need to avoid as they cause weight gain and stress.


  1. Sweets. Many people may have a sweet tooth and although sweets are taste treats, they spike your blood sugar levels, giving you a short energy high followed by a real energy low. Sweets leave you with lethargy, poor concentration and stress. The tooth fairies may take away your teeth but they don’t take away the stress symptoms or any cases of diabetes. Sweets are empty calories that add to weight gain. They do not serve the body in the process of health.


  1. Refined and processed foods. Tinned foods are a good example of these as well white refined bread and flour. These foods lack nutrients. They are low in fibre and empty calories. Eating these foods makes the digestive system work harder, as they have little or no fibre. To process these foods the body has to utilise its own vitamins, minerals and water content. If this is done on a regular basis you can imagine how tired, stressed and sick the body would become.


  1. Coffee. More than two cups of caffeine per day can act as stimulants on the nervous system. This effects the adrenal glands that throw out a hormone called cortisol, which helps your body respond to stress (fight or flight). When this hormone floods the body on a regular basis, but there is no real physical danger, it hovers around the body and eventually turns to fat on your waistline.


  1. Salty foods. These are known to increase your blood pressure. This can fatigue the adrenal glands and make you moody and stressed. Processed foods are high in salts and best avoided.


  1. Fast foods/junk foods. There have been many documentaries and even studies done to show the negative effects of junk foods. Greasy burgers, pizzas, kebabs, chips (the list is endless) are normally cooked with trans-fats (bad fat) which tax your digestive system as these fats are hard for the body to breakdown and process. As a result you can be left lethargic, with brain fog and experiencing poor mood.


  1. Alcohol and fizzy pop. Theses stimulate body’s adrenal glands. This can leave you fatigued if you drink lots. Alcohol has high sugar content and pollutes the blood stream, creating toxicity and can make you gain weight.


Fizzy pop in cans and bottles are laced with sugar. Again these are very acidic to the body and create sugar highs followed by energy lows.


  1. Dairy products. Cow’s milk contains elements such as casein protein. Casein proteins are difficult for the human digestive system. Dairy creates mucus in the body and is an acidic type of food, especially cheese.


It is always best to remember that a balance diet is key in reducing stress. The listed foods and drinks upset the body’s natural balance. They over stimulate the body and throw it into a state of flux, from a sugar high and low to elevated blood pressure, your internal organs are working harder than normal and the glands too.  This can leave you jittery, moody, stressed and experiencing weight gain.


Now you have this list I challenge you to apply this knowledge. Let go of the food and drink that is adding stress in your life and watch your waist line improve too.