10 Ways to be Kind to yourself and self-care your Way to Success

Prolonged daily life stress can result in overwhelm, poor focus and low energy. The good news is you can self-care your way out of stress and into success. Here are 10 ways to be deliciously kind to yourself and love the awesome being that you are.

1- Put yourself in the picture.

Life will offer many distractions that take up your time, energy and attention. The key is to schedule a portion of that time, energy and attention each day, specifically for you.

This can be anywhere from 15 minutes to:

  • Mediate
  • Or read a few pages of your favourite novel
  • Or hustle up a green smoothie : )

to 30 minutes to:

  • Go for a walk (or a run if you’re up for it)
  • Or enjoy a soak in the bath. Amp up the relaxation with some gentle music and scented candles.
  • Or a round of creative writing/ journaling.

to an hour:

  • Flex a few Pilate moves
  • Or dry body brushing followed by a massage
  • Or have an empowered hour – nourish your body, mind & spirit with personal development material.

These are a few suggestions to get you started but choose what feels good and works best for you in the time you set aside.

2- Get out in nature.

As human beings most of us spend too much time in artificial environments with air conditioning, artificial lights and not moving much. Go for a gentle walk somewhere scenic where there is a park or flowers and specifically look for beauty and harmony in that setting. This will create a deep sense of peace, self-awareness and gratitude.

3- Recognise your accomplishments.

When you are stressed it can lure you into a space where you may not feel too good about yourself. To avoid the trap of disliking yourself write a list of your accomplishment that highlight your gifts, talents and genius. Then read it and immerse yourself in the feeling of goodness.

4- Letting go of negative emotions.

Negative emotions drain your energy, disrupt your sleep, digestion and other aspects of your wellness. There is a system known as the ‘Sedona Method’ which has three powerful questions for releasing negative emotions. The questions are ‘(a) Could I let this feeling go? (B) Would I let this feeling go? (c) When?  – the Sedona Method is one technique but you can try anything else be it NLP or energy healing.

5- Support of good friends and people who believe in you.

Make a conscious choice to be with the people that make you feel good about yourself.

6- Create an environment in your home that induces a sense of inspiration and relaxation.

Fresh flowers raise the energy in a room as do motivational quotes and scented candles.

7- Mirror mirror.

Looking at one’s self in the mirror and affirming positive suggestions, towards oneself, is a healthy act of self-love. This has been popularised by self-help queen Louise Hayes.

8- Sleep.

Did you know the liver is the body’s main detox organ? It detoxes between 10pm and 2pm at night? Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for a healthy mood and brain function.

9- Permission to lighten up.

Allow yourself the gift laughter. Watching a comedy can boost endorphin levels in the brain. This gives you a natural high, lowering stress levels and may boost your immune system too.

10- Cultivate gratitude.

Write out a gratitude list of about 5-10 things your grateful for at the end of your day. Really connect with your heart centre and feel the gratitude. This process can help dissolve any stress from the day and provide you with a lighter mood that helps you sleep better.

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