10 Powerful Tips that teach you how to self-care like a Champion.

10 Powerful Tips that teach you how to self-care like a Champion

10 Powerful Tips that teach you how to self-care like a Champion

What if your self-care became a ripple that transformed your life? What if this list of 10 powerful tips was your self-care solution to unlock your brilliance? You are your greatest asset, you are a walking vault of potentiality and your key to that vault is in the practise of these tips below. Let’s get to it and begin your transformation today, so you can self-care like a champion:


  1. No future In the past
    – as Kelly Rowland once sang. It’s so true. The thing that can zap your creativity, energy and genius stamina is dwelling on the past. The ‘If only… I should have…maybe if I had….’ is not good. Regret is like sitting through a two hour movie only to find it was poor. Now if that was the case, you wouldn’t go out and invest in the DVD version of that cr*p movie? And you wouldn’t sit and replay and watch it so why do that with cr*p memories. We’ve all made some decisions in life that (in hind sight) could have been better, but get the lesson from it and move on. You have plenty of choices to make to do better now and to grow, so go on what you waiting for?


  1. Recognise your achievements – you’re awesome! I’ve spoken to a few entrepreneurs that pour their hearts into their businesses. When they let their self-care slip they tend to become overwhelmed and frustrated, they are then tough on themselves. To keep things in perspective, be kind to yourselves. I suggest that you keep a list of 10-20 achievements, things you are proud of that make you feel ‘wow, I did that I am awesome!’. Then keep the list where you see and read it. This process can help you keep your creativity, energy and mindset in check.


  1. Accept yourself
    – life is a journey. Changes will occur in and around us. Learn to love and accept yourself and the journey. There are over 7 billion people on the planet and yet there never has been or never will be anyone exactly like you. Your likes, your mannerisms, your memories and life experiences make you uniquely you, rare like a precious diamond, you are priceless.


  1. Learn to let go – we are living beings. What makes us so is life-force energy. Where attention goes energy follows. Most people direct energy towards things they don’t like and they get their energy into a holding pattern with the thing they dislike. You can choose to let go, redirect your attention to higher quality thoughts and feelings. You can also affirm that you chose to let go and release whatever the thing maybe.


  1. Expect good things – expectancy is powerful like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Live a life rich in positive expectancy. Expect good health, expect good relationships, expect good and happy surprises be it money or otherwise.


  1. Speak of what you love – most people in day to day life walk around complaining. They talk about what they don’t want and don’t like, and it’s no surprise such focus gives them more of the same. The mind and emotions have a powerful effect on the chemical balance in the body. Annoyance and stress causes cortisol and adrenaline to be released in the body (not good) whereas loving emotions release dopamine which are natural mood enhancers.


  1. Eat raw foods – food affects mood. The quality of the nutrition in your food will determine the quality of your life. Eating plant based foods and drinking green smoothies will make you feel good. These alkaline foods work to harmonise the body and balance blood sugar levels. If you have not yet discovered green smoothies I challenge you to begin today. There are tons of recipes on the internet, pick one and begin, it could change your life – it did mine : )


  1. Look for beauty in the moments of life. We are teleological organisms, meaning we are constantly striving/seeking towards a goal or object. Train your mind to seek beauty in life even in the simplest of things. You’ll be surprised to find more, over time it gets so easy life will begin to seem somewhat magical. You’ll appreciate more beauty in yourself too.


  1. Forgive yourself and others – in order to be complete and whole you need to have as much of your energy in the present moment as possible. For example, If you have been angry at someone or even yourself then clear it up. Forgive yourself and the others whoever they maybe. When you do this pray or send a loving intention towards yourself and that person with the clear intention of releasing the anger or whatever the painful emotion maybe. Doing this allows you to reclaim aspects of your energy that would otherwise have been defused and scattered. You become more empowered in the present moment and can create an even greater future for yourself.


  1. Live a ‘what if’ possibility lifestyle – be curious about life and treat it like a game. Play to win like a champion and know you are only competing with yourself. Aim to grow and have fun. When you dream of your goal be it business or life think big and entertain the possibilities, ask yourself ‘What if?’ imagine how awesome your life and service to the world could be.

I hope you love these tips and found them valuable. If you would like more awesome info on self-care or my FREE ebook ‘The only guide you’ll ever need to transform your health in 7 days’ pop over to my website www.thehealthtransformationcoach.co.uk  : )